臺灣國際熱氣球嘉年華 Taiwan International Balloon Festival

Tips for Hot Air Balloon

The safety factor of balloon flights is relatively high. The FAI has listed the hot air balloon as the safest aircraft in the world. A hot air balloon rises and falls slowly and is generally considered to be safe. However, following the guidelines in every activity is always the best way to ensure your personal safety.

Safety guidelines and important notices for hot air balloon activities:

  1. Passengers must be above 110cm in height and children in elementary school or younger must be accompanied by an adult family member.
  2. Due to safety concerns, people who are drunk, feeling discomfort, with high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, or acrophobia, or are pregnant should not ride in the balloons. Pets are not allowed onto the balloons. People who are easily nervous, intimidated by heights, or not feeling well should not ride.
  3. Do not make any dangerous movements when on board. Do not touch the equipment in the basket and always follow the balloon operator’s instructions.
  4. After the balloon takes off, do not throw any objects out of the basket or climb onto or out of the basket to prevent danger.
  5. Flight time and the landing site may change due to wind direction and speed. The pilot has full authority to execute a technical landing when he/she sees fit and the passengers cannot object.
  6. If you feel any discomfort during the flight, please report it immediately to the balloon operator.
  7. skirts, high heels, sandals and other similar clothing are not suitable for flight. If you have long hair, please tie it up. Hats with a brim are optimal.
  8. When boarding a balloon, except for valuables and cameras, please hand any large bags to the ground staff for safe keeping.
  9. When an abnormal situation occurs, you must follow the instruction of the balloon operator. After exiting the basket, please follow the instruction of the staff and evacuate to a safe area.

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