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Tips for Hot Air Balloon

It is a high safety coefficient that people take a ride in a balloon. The FAI (The Federation Aeronautique Internationale) has listed the hot air balloon into the securest flight vehicle.

Hot Air Balloon Safety and Regulations:

  1. The passenger's height must be above 110cm. Children under seven years old must be accompanied by adult family members when taking the ride.
  2. For security, passengers drinking alcohol cannot and will not be flown, and also those with general malaise, hypertension, asthma, heart disease, acrophobia, etc. and of advanced pregnancy. Pets cannot be flown. Passengers who are easily nervous, have fear of heights or are feeling uncomfortable will be advised not to take the flight.
  3. During the flight, please do not make any dangerous moves or touch any related equipment in the basket. Please do follow the Pilot's instructions.
  4. Once you start ballooning, please do not throw anything out of the basket, climb, and try to stride over the basket.
  5. Duration of flight depends on wind direction and weather conditions. The ultimate decision of flight length is based on safety and determined only by the pilot-in-command.
  6. If there are any physical condition problems, please immediately inform the pilot.
  7. Please try to wear long-sleeved or cotton fabric clothes, and sneakers.instead of wearing a dress, high heels, and sandals. Passengers with long hair please remember to tie it up. A hat with brim is a better choice if passengers wear one.
  8. While ballooning, please leave your larger baggage on the ground with our staff and take valuables or camera with you.
  9. If something unpredictable occurs, please do follow the staff's instructions.

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