臺灣國際熱氣球嘉年華 Taiwan International Balloon Festival

Night Glows

2017 Night Glow Concerts

Six hot air balloon night glow concerts with different themes will be held, featuring performances that include hot air balloons flying in synch to the rhythms and beats of music. This visual and auditory feast is not to be missed!
Night Glows

Information for 6 Night Glows during 2017 Taiwan International Balloon Festival (30th June-6th August)
※30th June(Fri.) Taitung City – Taitung County Stadium (Opening Night Glow)
※8th July(Sat.) Chenggong Township – Sanxiantai *Morining Glow
※15th July(Sat.) Chishang Township-Dapo pond
※22th July(Sat.) Taimali Township-The Aurora Garden *Morining Glow
※29th July(Sat.) Beinan Township-Jhihben Hot Spring
※6st Aug.(Sat.) Luye Township-Luye Gaotai (Closing Ceremony Night Glow)

Night Glows


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