臺灣國際熱氣球嘉年華 Taiwan International Balloon Festival


2017 Taiwan International Balloon Festival

Taiwan International Balloon Festival is approaching its sixth year and has welcomed more than one million visitors to the grand event. The hot air balloons released in Luye not only fill the Taitung sky with colors but also attract travelers from all over the world to enjoy the beautiful Taitung scenery.. It is the hot air balloon activity with the longest duration in the entire world.

We will invite the largest number of special air balloon to come to Taiwan. Let’s have a big special balloon party in Luye highland.

In addition, we plan 6 different types of night glow concerts in different county in Taitung. Among them have two morning glow concerts. You don’t worry to miss the beautiful moment in 2017.

This year , Lucky 7 is our main theme, so we not only combine VR and TTpush which is a high technology with hot air balloons, but also invite some Internet celebrities to participate the biggest Festival in Taiwan. Those events present visitors with an opportunity to learn about the different aspects of hot air balloons. Apart from the Balloon Festival , Taitung welcomes all visitors to take memorable pictures of the beautiful scenery that is on offer during the summer season. These hot air balloons will surely create many heart-touching moments!


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