臺灣國際熱氣球嘉年華 Taiwan International Balloon Festival


How to get to Luye Highland?

By Car】
1.North bound: Drive along the Provincial Highway No. 9, turn left to the East 33 Township Road, turn right to the Guangrong Road, turn left to the Longma Road, turn right to the Gaotai Road, and then arrive.
2.South bound: Drive along the Provincial Highway No. 9, turn right to the Yong-an Road, turn left to the Yongle Road, turn left to the Gaotai Road (teapot landmark), and then arrive.

By Train】
Taiwan Railways During Taiwan International Balloon Fiesta: all the regular intervals stop at Luye Station.
For the detailed timetable, please contact the Taitung Station of TRA: (089) 229-687
Visitors can take the train, get off at the “Luye Station,” transfer to the “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: East Rift Valley Route” and arrive at the Luye highland venue.
The bus stop location of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle--East Rift Valley Route: Walk out of the Luye Railway Station and go straight along the Jhongjheng Road for about three minutes.

By Air】
Taitung Airport

■ Airport access traffic info:
1.Taxi: A registered taxi stand is on the left side outside the terminal, providing pick-up services. 
2.City bus: Shuttle buses are outside the terminal, running back and forth between the terminal and city center area, railway station and Fugang Fishery Harbor, in accord with the flight schedule.
3.Taiwan Tourist Shuttle--East Coast Route: It is located on the left side of the bus shelter. Take this bus to the “Taitung Hotel for Teachers and Public Workers” stop, transfer to the “East Rift Valley Route” bus and get to the terminal stop “Luye highland.”

【By Taiwan Tourist Shuttle 】
■ By Bus(Stop Name: Luye Highland)

The public transportation in Luye consists of Dingdong Bus Inland Route and Taiwan Tourist Shuttle. Only the "Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: East Rift Valley Line" can directly take you to the site of Luye Highland.

■ Payment method of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle :

1.Buying the ticket while boarding:Please prepare enough change in advance. Get on the bus, tell the driver your destination and then pay for the ticket. 
2.Swiping the card while boarding: Multi-Card Electronic Ticketing System (Taiwan Easy-Go Card, Easy Card, I Pass Card, ETC card) could be used on the bus.

■ Route map


■ Information
Tourist Information Center:(089)357131
Taitung County Government:(089)324902
East Coast National Scenic Area Administration
TEL:0800-009828 或 089-841520-1800

【Regulation of traffic in Luye Highland
The regulation of traffic start at June 29th , August 12th, every Saturday morning and every Sunday morning to afternoon.

■ From 03:00 a.m. and 03:00p.m.
■Longma Road can't entry
 Expect fire truck、ambulance、police car and office car.
 Tour bus、taxi、motorcycle、car with disabled are allowed.

Durning the regulation of traffic, cars will be guided to Teapot Landmark and Yi-Jia Tourism Tea Plantation.

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